Seen Kittens? Help Us

See kittens on the RIT Campus? Call us so we can get them out of the wild & into a good home!

We always need donations of dry/wet food & money.

What we do

OUR GROUP HAS SPAYED/adopted/helped with vet care 281 cats/dogs/rabbits/fish/turtles. Some cats are still on campus while some had to be moved since they were in danger. Its very hard to move ferals they become disoriented when moved.

FACT: 4 CATS X 5 YEARS = 2500 CATS WITHOUT HUMAN INTERVENTION.[National Humane Education Society ] SPAY YOUR PET!!!!

We will not participate in ANY trapping for euthanasia. emergency: 585-272-9821

We have had 2 TV segments done on our group. The link section of this website will guide you to them.


We are an independent group NOT AFFILIATED with RIT. Members are staff of the university & community members & ALL are volunteers. We are members of . Many cats on campus have been successfully trapped, neutered or spayed. $40 per cat pays for spaying/rabies/distemper shots, de-fleaing & worming/ear tipping. Donations are needed to help the cats.

Students that have already made the mistake of bringing a cat on campus,RIT is a place for learning & life gets real, responsibility is needed here. Contact us. Don't drop the cat off on another part of the campus or in someone elses backyard spreading the problem.If you do, your pet will bond with the ferals & live a hard life in the wild. Please just call us, we will take cats/kittens no question's asked! Call!

Who are We?

Welcome to Caring Hearts for RIT for Homeless Cats!

We are a dedicated group of volunteers from the community who aim to help the feral and stray cats on the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) campus in Rochester, NY.

We care for the feral cats at Rochester Institute of Technology Campus. Our mission is to have EVERY feral cat at RIT sterilized & fed until he/she dies a natural death. We want zero population growth. Any stray pet is adopted out, as are the kittens. RIT is the ONLY University in upstate NY to have an organized group do this, although EVERY campus has ferals.