Attend to Your Cat’s Basic Needs

Cats, like their owners, are also very particular when it comes to the food they eat. They have different attitudes concerning their foods. While some cats are satisfied with whatever food is given to them, others are just picky eaters.

Though experts’s opinions vary with regard to the amount of food a cat should eat daily, but somehow they arrive to an almost similar findings that a normal adult cat needs about 250-300 calories, which still depends on the age, size, and activity of a particular cat.

Most brand of cat foods provide feeding directions on the bag or can, so following those instructions is important to give your cats just the right amount of nutrients they need.

In feeding your cats, it is essential to consider their stages of life. Pregnant cats require additional food; kittens also need more food compared to adult cats. This is because kittens need to be fed several small meals every day for about three months.

Abyssinian Breed of Cat

Although the actual origin of the Abyssinian cat is controversial, what is certain is that it originated either in Egypt or Ethiopia as the name Abyssinia refers to Ethiopia. This type of cat is currently one of the most popular cats not only in the USA but also in other parts of the world. You can easily recognize this breed of cat by its ticked coat, which is thick and silky.

The Abyssinian cat features pointed ears that are characteristically large with a broad head, with the eyes being almond shaped. You can find this breed of cat in copper, gold, green or hazel colors. Another way you can easily recognize the Abyssinian cat is through its legs, which are characteristically slender than the rest of its body. The tail is typically long, broad at the base while tapering towards the end. It features frown lines that appear just above the eyes.

5 Secrets to Win Your Cat’s Trust

You may be wondering why some cats are friendly while others are mean and hostile. Research has shown that cats are endowed with a good communication system, like their numerous vocalizations to obtain what they want. They are able to perceive the instructions given to them through repetition of actions and words, and this builds a good rapport between the owner and the cat.

Obtaining the trust of your cats may take a while, but if you take time to talk to them often, respond to their sounds, and care for them, your cat will finally begin to trust you.

Here are the steps to help you maintain a pleasant bond with your cat:

1. One secret to build a strong bond between you and your cats is to give them the right food, love them, and care for them. If they feel that they are loved and respected, they will return the affection and be a happy companion to you.

Pet Care for Persian Cats

Persian cats have become increasingly popular in people’s choices for pets. They are known for their gentle personalities and their beautiful long fur. They have aesthetic features and make lovely companions for anyone especially because they are easily pleased and require very little attention from their owners.

The most well-known color of Persian cats is white. However, they do come in a variety of shades as well. This includes multi-colored or bi-colored fur, tabby, smoke, Himalayan, golden and silver. They are commonly selected for competitions because of their awe-inspiring long fur.

This breed type is best for indoors as their fur may be difficult to maintain if it is exposed to dirt and other elements in the wild outdoors. This also exposes them to diseases and possible infection. So in order to keep them clean, the best thing to do is to keep them inside the house as they are not outdoor pets.

Pet Care for New Cat Owners

In today’s world cats are a popular choice for pets and owners come from all parts of the world and are of all ages. Both children and adults enjoy having cats as their household pets. There are many cat breeds available, e.g. Persian and Siamese, as well as mixed breed cats.

Cats are considered to be domestic animals and are easily tamed. They have a long history of being human pets, and this goes back to many centuries ago. One of the best benefits of keeping a cat instead of a dog is that cats do very well at taking care of themselves. Unfortunately, just like any other household pet it costs to keep a cat.